When you organise a company conference it needs to be right first time. It has to be well-planned, professional and create the perfect impression of your company every time. To achieve this, every detail has to be planned from the lighting and Audio Visual set up, the design of the venue, and of course the venue has to be well considered. One thing you can be sure of: if you slip up on the smallest detail, someone will notice.


Here at Global Event Solutions we have been helping people to organise conferences all over the World for over 25 years. Our experience means you can relax knowing that your conference is in safe hands and that it will run smoothly.


Planning your conference


With our help and the experience of our suppliers, we can deliver a seamless conference which creates exactly the atmosphere you’d like.


  • The first thing you need is the right venue. You need a venue which is accessible, affordable and can provide everything you need. Some conferences require more equipment than others and we know where the best place will be to host every conference.
  • Once you have your venue, you then need to decide on options such as audio visual systems, stage setting, the layout of the room and your background settings. Help and advice is always available to you.
  • We can even help you with script writing if you need to make any kind of speech. If you prefer, we can also source a guest speaker and liaise with you to make sure that the speech is just what you want.


Once we’ve made sure you’re happy, we then need to make sure your delegates will be happy too.


  • We can handle all registrations for you, giving your delegates a quick and efficient way to register.
  • One big problem delegates often have is getting to and from the venue. We can help arrange transfers from local airports and stations to get them there relaxed and on time.
  • Finding accommodation for everyone can be a nightmare and we can handle all this for you, and ensure that your delegates are able to get from their hotel to the conference.
  • If you are inviting delegates from other countries, we can offer advice and help to arrange any visas they may need.
  • Providing refreshments is an important part of any conference and we can help you arrange this, and if anyone has any specific dietary requirements we will make sure this is catered for.


If you want to offer something extra we can also activities and meals for anyone when they are not actually attending the conference.


We know we can help you create the best experience for all your delegates and in a stress free manner for you. After your event we go through all surveys and reviews to see where we can improve the service for the future.