Team Building

Many businesses are now appreciating the benefits of teambuilding. A team which works together is happier, more productive and more efficient. It also means you create a great atmosphere in which to work.


Creating the right atmosphere, however, can be a bit daunting as everyone has different things which inspire them. It’s even harder to build a team from different departments which rarely work together.


This is where Global Event Solutions can help. We know the types of activity which will bring people together and have them working as a team. These teambuilding sessions can be included into a conference or corporate event or simply as a one-off experience in its own right.


Our experienced facilitators first find out about you and what you hope to achieve and we can then put together a few ideas which we know will be both fun and inspiring for your team.


The great thing about having over 25 years of experience is that we will have organised activities which you may not even thought of, and we are always looking at new experiences to offer.


Our teambuilding events can be as large or small as you want and we know that at the end of them your team will know a lot more about each other and feel more confident in working together.


We will discuss all our options with you but just some of the teambuilding exercises which we have arranged in the past are:


  • Games based on TV shows such as ‘It’s A Knockout’ or ‘The Crystal Maze’
  • Outdoor activities, either craft based or sporting events
  • Planning activities which get the whole team working together to create a small film or advert.


We have so many ideas which we would love to discuss with you so that you can find out just how reliable and efficient your team really are.